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Author Sarah Mayberry Knows How to Play to Her Strengths (And When to Let the Fairies Help)

One of the perks of being more professionally mature is the knowledge one gains through the years. And Sarah Mayberry has gained quite a bit.

“My area of expertise is words, not formatting, and I’m old enough to know when to play to my strengths,” says the author of more than thirty books published by Harlequin and three self-published books that have been completed with the help of Formatting Fairies. She didn’t know how to move a completed manuscript to upload to retailer sites. But she did know Marie, who had started the Formatting Fairies, was a “smart cookie,” so she turned to her to self-publish her first book and she’s continued using the Fairies.

Sarah’s a pretty smart cookie herself. Since she was a kid growing up in Melbourne, Australia, she’s loved to read and write. She later earned her college degree in professional writing and set about doing what writers do, write. And she did another thing writers often do, get rejection letters. After several writing jobs, she worked in television for Australia’s longest running serial drama, Neighbours, where she learned “an enormous amount about character, story, structure and emotional storytelling,” which helped with her romance writing. She revised and resubmitted and finally got “the call” to say she was on her way to publishing.

Sarah and Marie met by email. They’d chatted for a while and when Marie was successfully self-publishing, she suggested Sarah do the same, which she did, again and again with the Fairies help. “Without her, I would still be scratching my head, baffled by how quickly the publishing world shifted.”

“Every time I’ve used the Fairies they have been fantastic,” she says. “I get what I need, quickly and cleanly. They bend over backwards to accommodate my timelines.”

Sarah’s been so pleased with the Formatting Fairies she’s recommended them to other authors, saying the service they provide is terrific, high quality and well-priced.

“Having the Fairies handle my formatting means that I can trust that one important aspect of the self-publishing process will go smoothly and seamlessly, without me having to sweat it. That means a lot to me, and it’s one of the reasons why I will keep coming back, and why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Fairies to anyone and everyone.”

To learn more about Sarah Mayberry and her books, please visit her website.

Formatting Fairies: Ghostbusters of Self-Publishing

Veronica Scott thought she’d self-publish her second book, a science fiction romance called Wreck of the Nebula Dream. She enlisted the help of self-taught friends and family members to do the formatting for her because she didn’t have the expertise it required. But as soon as she hit the publish button, she knew she was in trouble. Odd hyphens, reversed question marks and other formatting issues derailed the happiness she had expected as a newly-published indie author.

She also couldn’t upload to iTunes. Readers took note of the snafus, emailing and noting them in their reviews. Veronica was stressed knowing the rollout wasn’t the best it could be.

Anyone who’s tried to self-publish a book knows it’s a tricky business. Formatting ghosts seem to live in the software, sabotaging the best of efforts. Fortunately for Veronica, she and Marie were both Carina Press authors who several years earlier (after Veronica’s experience with Wreck of the Nebula Dream) had chatted about self-publishing.

Veronica recalls Marie was supportive of her trying the indie route and offered the Formatting Fairies help when she was ready. Marie and the Formatting Fairies team were good for their word, too. They helped Veronica navigate the process.

Bolstered by the knowledge the Formatting Fairies were available, Veronica decided to self-publish her third Egyptian novel (the first two in the series were published by Carina Press). While Julie and the Formatting Fairies were working on that one, she asked them to fix all the problems with Wreck of the Nebula Dream, as well, and to publish it to iTunes.

“I can’t say enough positive things about the help I received, the professionalism and efficiency Julie and the Fairies bring to the tasks, and the peace of mind I have about things being done right and looking gorgeous,” says a much happier Veronica.

Veronica has self-published seven books through the Formatting Fairies. She says she intends to use their services forever.

She plans to complete and publish at least three more books this year, too. She now has the entire self-publishing process with the Fairies down to a routine so she can assure predictability in the quality of the products and the process. Veronica says she would “absolutely” recommend the Formatting Fairies to other authors who need help self-publishing.

“Knowing that the Formatting Fairies are there for me gives me confidence and peace of mind about independently publishing and having ebooks and CreateSpace books that are professionally copy edited and formatted,” she says. “I write the best romance novel I can create, and then Julie and her crew put that into the high-quality package a reader deserves when spending hard-earned money for an ebook or a paperback."

More information about Veronica Scott and her books, please visit her website

Kwana Jackson Overcomes Her Fear and the Myths About Self-Publishing

The idea of self-publishing “scared me to death,” author Kwana Jackson recalls. Kwana, who writes under the pseudonym K.M. Jackson, says when she first thought about self-publishing there was still a stigma attached to it.

“I’m embarrassed to say a lot of that ‘Self-publishing equals a bad book’ talk got to me,” she recalls.

In addition, she thought that if she did it herself, she would surely mess it up.

Kwana overcame her fear, however, with help from the Formatting Fairies and has now self-published four books: Bounce was her first, followed by her Creative Hearts Series which includes Through the Lens, Seduction’s Canvas, and Threads of Desire.

She heard about Formatting Fairies from the self-publishing group Marie moderates on Yahoo. She’d lurked on the site for a few years. She had also heard about the Formatting Fairies at a conference.
“I knew I needed help to walk me through the process,” she says. “I also know myself and I’m not as detail-oriented as a person who is going to self-publish a book correctly needs [to be]. So I figured the smarter move would be to get a solid team behind me.”

That team was the Formatting Fairies.

“More than anything, I wanted a quality product put out there. I’m happy to say that’s what I got.”
Kwana says she was so happy with her Formatting Fairies experience and credits Julie with being patient and talking her through every step.

Kwana has used Formatting Fairies for all of her books and has recommended them to her writer friends who are considering self-publishing.

To learn more about Kwana and her books, please visit www.kwana.com.

by Cheryl Serra, director of publicity for Marie Force and the Formatting Fairies