Another Survey


If last week's survey proved anything, it's that people are hungry for information about what's really going on in our business. One of the best marketing tools available to us as self-publishers and authors, is the freebie. So we will focus on the impact of freebies for this next survey. If you'd like to participate, please answer the following questions by Thursday, April 25, at 5 p.m. EDT. The survey results will go live the following day at noon EDT.

Your name and whether your data is for attribution in the blog post and on other venues: 

How many self-published books as of April 15, 2013:

Primary genre: 

Most of my self-published books are priced at: 

I have offered _____ number of books for free as a self-publisher

The title of the free book with the most downloads was:

And the number of free downloads was: ____________ over ____________consecutive days

The free book was made free via Amazon's KDP Select OR via price-matching/Smashwords distribution (be specific for each retailer at which the free offering was listed):

The book was free at the following retail outfits:

As a result of the free offering of (same book listed above as most successful free offering), I had _______ of *subsequent book in the series, or all my books--be specific*

Promotional efforts for my free book included:

Comments about the impact of your free offering:

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